How to Write a Board Report

The board members are the most important individuals within a company, and they play an important role in its success. A quality board report is the best way to give them the information they need to make sound business decisions. Ineffective reports can confuse the board and result in the board being ineffective, so it’s crucial to do your homework when writing these reports.

A common mistake people make is putting too many details in a board report. It’s easy to get caught up in requesting data and information from different departments or areas of the company, but remember that your board members aren’t likely to be able to go through all of it. They have a limited amount of time and have to be able to be able to comprehend the main points of your board report before making an important decision.

Another mistake that many people make is not providing concrete recommendations or insights. This is one of the most crucial aspects of a board report, since it serves as the foundation for discussion at a board meeting. Include the main takeaways of your board report into a concise executive summary that the board can easily comprehend.

Additionally, some of the most common mistakes made are excessive jargon and technical content in a board report. Keep in mind that your board members aren’t from your business world and aren’t always able to connect to technical terms or understand the significance of data that is complex without having context. Try to incorporate visuals whenever possible to help them comprehend the information of your board and software tools such as Whatagraph can also help make this process easier.

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