ENR 2019 Top 250 Global Contractors 1-100 Engineering News-Record

ENR 2019 Top 250 Global Contractors 1-100 Engineering News-Record

Construction Europe magazine has published its 2021 list of the biggest construction companies in Europe. We studied the European construction industry to sift out which firms are the top players. However, Europe has also felt the negative effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine this year in the form of painful energy costs and the resulting economic slowdowns.

  • Only time will tell, but one thing can be predicted; the companies that will outshine the rest will be those that adapt and evolve with modern times.
  • The remarkable Yankee Stadium, home of the MLB Yankees, is Turner Construction’s largest project at 1.3 million square foot major league baseball stadium.
  • Morgan Sindall Group is a construction company and regeneration group operating in the public and commercial sectors.
  • Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, or ACS, is a Spanish based global construction company.

Over the past years, also companies from the northern countries managed to become large companies. Although going through severe disruptions, the inner structure of the construction industry in Europe merely changed at all. The big cash cow remains buildings and constructions, while civil engineering shows significantly less growth. An inhibitor to growth may also have been increasing import prices, especially for energy, that until 2015 lay 25% over the 2009 level. The fact that the import prices dropped to pre-crisis levels might be another indicator for the construction industry in Europe to recover. This is why we wanted to make some construction data for the European markets freely available here. This site gives an overview of statistical data from a vast amount of sources.

Largest constructors and contractors in Norway

More people will find their jobs within this industry and more employees will be counted. The construction industry in Spain is expected to recover very well over the next decade and the building volume is forecast to increase by 4% annually. The industry is going to improve as a result of economic recovery, foreign investments, and the return of business confidence. Residential construction will continue to be the most influential segment in many European countries. Civil engineering is forecast to turn into the sub-sector with the highest growth. To sum it up, the construction industry remains one of the most important sectors in Europe.

Statistics on Construction industry in Europe

Commercial/retail – The crisis has potential to further accelerate e-commerce penetration. This would affect small shop space but also shopping centres through likely rising vacancy rates. Shopping centres may see reduced foot fall as a result of regulation for some time. This could all lead to much reduced new build but also https://easy-investments.biz/esg-the-russian-way/ reduced retrofit activity. In our risk rating framework, construction has the highest share of high risk ratings , reflecting high levels of risk with regard to payment behaviour and insolvencies. In Spain, construction is rated high risk, with the subcomponents demand and liquidity rated weak and distressed, respectively.

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